5 Juicy Ways to Get Free YouTube Subscribers

5 juicy ways to get subscribers on youtube

Earning ad revenue from YouTube channel is all about how many subscribers do you have. The game of earning begins with 1000 subscribers to the least. For any kind of video you upload, subscribers turn out to be the first set of audience. And the engagement from the audience is what helps gain free YouTube views.

Below are the ways to help you get free YouTube Subscribers;

subscribe to youtube

YouTube has turned out to be the platform where YouTuber’s are considerate about directly asking for something. While watching a video you may have heard “press the subscribe button and don’t forget to tick the bell”. This is one of the direct ways of letting your viewers turn into subscribers. Where you do not feel asked verbally, choose to make use of the graphics or produce stock footage at the end of every video uploaded.  

“Creativity is asking the viewers to turn into subscribers is the key”

Send an invitation to your targeted audience via email

Email list of people plays a vital role in digital marketing. When it comes to getting free subscribers, an email list turns out to be a great marketing asset.

The process is simple in a way that one is suggested to drop the channel link along with those recently published. If you want to make your ask persuasive, give reasons to your viewers to subscribe.

**Note that if you do not have an email list, start building one from today.

Maintain consistency sharing YouTube videos

There is no particular schedule for uploading any video. It depends on the person owning the Channel. But the more interesting are your videos, the greater will be your watch time. Thereby, making YouTube advertise your videos, making more and more people subscribe to the channel.

** Try adding up life even to your boring videos and make more of your targeted audience hit the subscribe button.

Consistency in videos is the key as your audience will always find out that your video is about to come. It is also essential for maintaining your position at YouTube as the change in algorithms may let your channel down and substitute it with a better option.  

Keep your YouTube branding on point

youtube branding

Uniqueness is one of the key features when it comes to growing YouTube Subscribers. The channel you produce can grab multiple branding tools that help personalize its look, to get richer in gaining free subscribers. For example, adding up social media links as a part of channel art is worth similar to the use of a brand logo or channel icon. The use of the logo by the bigger brands help get traffic and subscribers.

“A personal picture as a channel icon for individuals is even amazing”

Additionally, Channel description, about section, and all others hold value. This is why these need to be completed.

Watermark to all your videos

YouTuber’s have the ultimate benefit of adding a branding watermark on all the videos they create. What’s great about it is that it functions as a custom subscribe button, letting the viewer directly subscribe while hovering over it. One can even set an image as an alternate watermark if the size is less than 1MB. When doing this, you’ll have to check if it fits finely.

The process

  • Go to YouTube studio
  • Use the side menu to navigate setting and then branding
  • Choose the image and upload
  • Choose a display time and enjoy the free subscriptions

What option have you been considering when it comes to getting YouTube subscribers? Live streaming on YouTube is also gaining popularity and I believe this will turn out one of the leading ways to get more and more subscribers on YouTube. Hope these 5 ways to get YouTube Subscribers work for you too!

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