How to gain new clients with social media?

how to gain new clients with social medias

Social media is a trendy approach to take your business to the next level of success and gain new clients. It is undeniably a powerful way to engage and connect with your current customers, and build new relationships.

With the help of social medias, you can connect with loyal customers and gain new ones to lead your business towards the success you so much hope for.

A good social media strategy will help you get new leads who will become your next new customers and generate new conversions.

In this article, we will share some solid tips to gain new customers with social media. Let’s get started:

post consistently on social medias

When you are promoting your business through social media, take the business seriously. Post consistently, so your readers know that you are always available. Waiting for days or weeks can kill enthusiasm, and customers will get attracted to your competitors. A good whay to post consistently is to plan anticipation. You can read our article on why it is important to plan your posts ahead of time and how to easily achieve this with powerful and intuitive social media marketing tools such as MixedShare. you can easily register on MixedShare.

Respond quickly to inquires

Responding to inquires at time increases customer loyalty and help you gain new customers. According to studies, when you reply to the queries on time, it will increase 71% of chances that people will refer your products or site to others.

Good customers service makes them loyal, and they refer to their friends and family.  So start showing appreciation to people who send you messages, comments or who like your posts.  Reply individualy to each comment to make your customers feel unique. They will in the end leave good reviews on your website, Google or other platforms.

Engage with the industry-related query

engagement social network

Engaging with customers is important, but it is also important to engage with market talks. That is why you need to actively monitor relevant keywords and see what’s going on at your competitors’ side.

Follow the hashtags you are interested in and see what  people are saying and how and what your competitors are offering.
It will help you learn more about your industry.

Run social media contests

contests social media

There are lots of ways to keep your customers engaged with your brand. One of the many methods is to run social media contests. Contests are one of the quickest ways to engage with customers and gain new ones.

For instance if you are a company into tourism; “You can upload a post saying: Hey Folks! You got two hours to upload your adventurous trip photos and tag your friends. And win our brand new travel kit. More entries mean more chances to win.”

These posts increase the interest and you’ll be guaranteed to have new customers. Moreover, it will increase web traffic and elevate your rankings.

Social media ads

If you have started a new venture or you are new to social media – that means you will have a low number of followers. With such high competition, it is hard to get attention quickly. But this can be solved with social media ads. Almost all big and small business holders are paying for ads to gain new clients and get better engagement. It is very easy to create ads on the different social medias and you can go with your budget and increase it as you start making more money.

Play tag

social media tag

Play tag like your old days, only this time you are playing it online by tagging others. When you tag others, it makes them feel special and build a new relationship. It will dramatically boost the visitors on site.

Tags increase the chances of re-post, which will lead to more web traffic and conversions. It is a very good way to gain new clients who will engage with your brand and products.

Keep your site up to date

site update

As you gain new clients, you will probably want to redirect them from social medias to your website right? Either to sign up, buy something, take a membership…

This is why you need to make sure that your website is always up to date. Make sure there are no bugs, that the pages are loading quickly, that your content is up to date… Else all your efforts to gain new clients from social medias would have been in vain.


Follow these tips and increase engagement. Remember that engagement can lead to gain new clients and making the old ones loyal to your brand. All you need is to explore and stay active. Good Luck!

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